1944: Mount Nimba was initially established as a strict nature reserve (SNR) by the colonial authorities in Guinea, recognizing its ecological significance and biodiversity.

1980: The Guinean part of the SNR was designated as Nimba Mountains Biosphere Reserve (NMBR) under UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme.

1981: The Guinean part was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, highlighting its outstanding universal value and the need for its preservation.

1992: The Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve was listed as "in danger" on the World Heritage List due to threats posed by mining activities, and political instability in the region resulted by Liberian war.

1993: The UNESCO World Heritage Committee urged the Guinean government to take immediate action to address the threats facing the reserve. Conservation efforts faced challenges due to political instability in the region, and illegal human activites, making it difficult to implement effective measures for the protection of the reserve. The boundaries of the Mount Nimba WHS in Guinea was ameded to exclude a keyhole-shaped Mining Enclave.

Current Conservation Efforts: Efforts are underway to address the threats facing the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve and restore its ecological integrity. Collaborative initiatives involving local communities, conservation organizations, and governmental bodies are working towards the conservation and sustainable management of the reserve. Conservation projects focus on law enforcement, community engagement, scientific research, and raising awareness about the ecological importance of the area. International partnerships and support play a crucial role in supporting conservation efforts and ensuring the long-term preservation of the reserve. Despite the challenges, the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve remains an important conservation area of global significance. Efforts are ongoing to mitigate the threats and protect the unique biodiversity and geological heritage of the reserve for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.